Courtyard Festival of the Bavarian State Chancellery

Courtyard Festival of the Bavarian State Chancellery
Hofgartenfest der Bayerischen Staatskanzlei mit Bayerns Ministerpraesident Dr. Markus Soeder
Bavarian State Chancellery & Ministries introduce themselves

Open-door day

At the end of July 2022, the Bavarian State Chancellery invited to its first courtyard festival and open day in the lower courtyard garden of the Bavarian State Chancellery. In addition to a varied stage programme, the event attracted visitors with a colorful range of hands-on activities from the individual ministries.

GRAL was responsible for the overall coordination: In addition to laying the electricity, providing the stage and obtaining the event permit including the safety concept, GRAL was primarily responsible for coordinating all exhibitors and for preparing a set-up and dismantling schedule for everyone involved.

In addition to those tasks, GRAL was primarily active in an advisory capacity. The basic concept of the event was created by the Bavarian State Chancellery, department of public relations.