Paulaner & Deine Isar e.V. Promotion

Paulaner & Deine Isar e.V. Promotion
Paulaner Deine Isar Promostand
Out and about at the Munich street festivals

Isar Heroes

GRAL has been supporting Paulaner in its role as a partner of the “Deine Isar e.V.” association. The association’s aim is to promote the preservation of the Isar and its banks since 2015. For this purpose, a promotional booth was designed to bring the aim of the association and, above all, the responsibility of each individual in regards to the Isar to the citizens of Munich. With this booth, “Deine Isar e.V.” is present at numerous Munich street festivals in cooperation with Paulaner. In addition to a raffle and a quiz with high-quality prizes, the booth also offers a fishing game for younger visitors.

GRAL developed the promotion stand in cooperation with Paulaner und Deine Isar e.V. The agency is also responsible for the supervision of the street festivals and the subsequent evaluation.

GRAL was also responsible for the redesign of the booth in 2019.