Bauwerk Press Junket – „VINZENT“

Bauwerk Press Junket – „VINZENT“
Bauwerk Vinzent Pressegespräch
View of the construction site

Neues Bauprojekt im St.-Vinzenz-Viertel

In September 2021, high above the rooftops of Munich, GRAL supported its customer Bauwerk in organizing the press junket regarding the new  construction project “VINZENT”. The reason for hosting the event at the Mercedes Tower was the inimitable view of the construction site on the corner of Rupprechtstrasse and Gabrielenstrasse in the St. Vinzenz district. With the help of GRAL, the room was transformed into a small green oasis, matching the planned sustainable residential and commercial building. A marking on the windows drew the journalists’ attention to the construction site, models of the plant system and the two parts of the building were also available. With delicious, local food, the press representatives listened to the explanations of those responsible and a keynote by Tristan Horx.

GRAL took over the overall organization of the event, in particular the selection, equipping and decorating of the location as well as the coordination with the caterer.