Philosoph Edmund Burke

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.

More sustainable & ecologically efficient events

Reduce CO2 emissions

Every event – whether it is live or digital, conference or gala – produces CO2 emissions. Many of the emissions can be reduced with conscious and sustainable event planning. However, events cannot (yet) be realized entirely without CO2 emissions. Our entire team always strives to implement events for our customers in a more sustainable and ecologically efficient way.

Furthermore, sustainability is firmly anchored in our own daily work-life. here, the holistic view of “sustainability” and thus the equal consideration of ecological, economic and social aspects is important to us. For example, we have been avoiding the use of disposable products in favor of resource-saving and environmentally friendly consumables for years, live a strict travel guideline, are regularly involved in charitable organizations – and are determining the CO2 footprint of our agency for the first time for 2021 in order to find and seize further ways to reduce it.

In our climate.fair service area, we go even further: Here, we realize event formats in which we take measures and select options at every step that pursue the goal of avoiding and reducing CO2 emissions. We document all steps and subsequently offset the remaining CO2 emissions. Aspects of sustainability and fairness are taken into account throughout the organization of the event – from conception to follow-up.

In addition, we are continuously working on consulting tools and event formats that can depict sustainability in its entirety.